Course Development

ID Didactic modules (Teaching materials) Comments THEO (hrs.) PRAC (hrs.) LEADER Contributor Interested
M1 HMI/SCADA systems Includes OPC, OPC UA, MES 12 9 P8-BUU P11-KMUTNB P9-RMUTTO
M2 IEC 61131 programming PLCs and IEC 61131-3 programming 5 9 P11-KMUTNB P10-RRU P8-BUU
M3 Industrial communications Modbus, Ethernet/IP, Profinet, IO Link, Wi-Fi, Cyber security 6 10 P11-KMUTNB P8 BUU P9 to P13
M4 IoT and cloud technology MQTT, REST API, Proficloud, Google Cloud 11 10 P13-KMITL P8 to P13  
M5 Node-Red programming Only Node-Red programming 3 5 P8-BUU P11-KMUTNB P9, P12, P13
M6 Python programming Python programming 8 10 P10-RRU P8, P11, P12 P9, P13
M7 Robotics/ROS programming   9 8 P9-RMUTTO P11-KMUTNB  
M8 Big data analysis and pattern recognition   21 18 P12-KU   P11, P13
M9 PLCnext technology From Phoenix Contact (PxC) 3 3 PxC    
M10 ETAT Smart Lab equipment Outcomes from WP4 2 2 WP4    
M11 Real/Sim. Process Model Each partner should prepare their own documentation 4 4 P8 to P13