Project Information

Project no. 610154-EPP-1-2019-1-DE-EPPKA2-CBHE-JP

The ETAT project (Education & Training for Automation 4.0 in Thailand) will enable the training and education of future Thai trainers for automation engineers, maintenance engineers, process workers and students using non-classic teaching methods such as learning by doing, remote and mobile teaching with innovative technologies as well as LLL and the experience of the European universities. Each Thai HEI partner is responsible for communication with enterprises and has made already a survey that has shown the high demand of the specialists in modern Automation & Industry 4.0 technologies (Automation 4.0).

Specific Problems:
• Specialists at the Thai enterprises and students of technical topics have the lack of knowledge in Automation 4.0 and at the universities it is lack of modern equipment.
• Demand of opening of the hands-on training centers in the profiling universities of the EEC.
• Lack of didactical materials and knowledge of the Thai university staff members in Industry 4.0 automation technologies widely used in EU countries.
• Modernization and reform of higher education in technical subject.
• Curricula in Thai HEI in industrial automation have lack of hands-on trainings and do not include the application of practice-oriented and work-oriented ICT technology in Automation Engineering.
• Lack of capacities to translate the teaching materials, provided by the EU partner universities to the national languages.

All Thai partner universities involved in the ETAT project are leading HEIs in the EEC and the needs are for all in general the same, considering their specific technical main topics. The ETAT partner EEC-HDC as governmental institution and key stakeholder for EEC will support in the project in particular the Thai universities in the cooperation/networking with enterprises in EEC and with the administrative help for the business of the planned ETAT Training Centers.