Quality Assessment

The WP2 (Quality Plan) has been specifically created in order to ensure the coherence between the main tasks and other tasks. This “quality task” will ensure that production of results and deliverables are coordinated, that good communication flows are established between all actors of the different tasks. Quality documents will be produced to ensure good information and transparency about the work development. The quality documents will also evaluate the work and methodology adopted, using key indicators that have been set by the quality WP.

The project will be managed by an Project Coordinator, but with the support of a Steering Committee and the Quality Manager.

Mechanisms for quality control and monitoring will include:

  • Peer reviews;
  • Evaluation surveys;
  • Internal and external institutional evaluation boards.

Quality Management:
WP 2 will involve a leader (internal quality coordinator), the External Evaluator and Project Coordinator. The leader will be a key participant to the managing team. Quality management will be available through the 3 mainstays: quality monitoring, quality assurance and quality improvement.

  1. Quality monitoring activities will assess and visualize the coordination and coherence of the work at WP and sub-WP levels, according to the work plan set by the managing team. It will ensure and respect a good coordination of key activities, deliverables and timetable. This will be possible with the help of key indicators.
  2. Quality monitoring and quality assurance will ensure (non exhaustive list) that the following qualitative monitoring indicators are respected:
    – Do all partners understand the goals at partner, task and project level ?
    – The organization at sub-WP level in term of material, platform, internal communication and daily staff are clear and respect the budget.
    – Meeting correspond to a phase of tuning development of a main task with the active partners involved.
    It will also keep an eye on the balance between the repartition of work and use/repartition of budget.
  3. Quality improvement is the third pillar of the quality management system. In case of a delay, a problem, requiring a modification of the objectives, timetable, or blocking a deliverable envisaged, the quality team will quickly intervene, by setting up a dialogue process between the managing team and the partners involved, to ensure a rapid solution and ensure the smooth development of the specific task, keeping in mind the potential consequences on others WP and overall project development.
  4. An External Evaluator guards the overall quality of the project. She obtains input from the Quality Manager (Leader WP2), Project Coordinator and rest of the Consortium. The reports prepared by her are sent to by the Project Coordinator and will be discussed with the Consortium at the next general meeting and if necessary, adjustments are made in the work process, agenda of the workgroups, etc.

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