Workshops and Trainings

  • A Special Workshop on Networked System Completed Successfully
    Bangsaen, November 21, 2023. As announced in our news, Prof.Dr.Ing. Reinhard Langmann, Chairman of EduNet World Association (EWA) ( did the hands-on short course training on “Networked Systems in Automation 4.0” at Faculty of Informatics, Burapha University. This also can be seen as a continuous collaboration enhanced from the Erasmus+ Project “ETAT” Education and Training for Automation 4.0 in Thailand.
  • BUU ETAT Training Center and DMI Research Lab organized a Workshop for PLCnext Special Training
    Bangsaen, October 25, 2023. The DMI research lab at Faculty of Informatics, Burapha University organized a special Workshop in preparation for PLCnext training. This hands-on workshop was held by Dr. Chalermpan Fongsamut, Faculty of Engineering, Burapha University. In November 2023, a short course training on PLCnext and its applications will be held from Prof.Dr.Ing. Reinhard Langmann, Chairman of EduNet World
  • The 2nd ETAT Certificate Workshop and Exam 2023
    Between 19 – 20 August 2023 the ETAT Thai partners, including KMITL, RRU, RMUTTO, KMUTNB, KU, and BUU organized the ETAT Certificate Exam: “Machine Control and Visualization Programming with PLCnext Technology” Bachelor Level together. The 44 students from these universities participated in the workshop and exam. After the workshop, the exam was done under Edunet World Association Network (EduNet) and
  • ETAT training for the trainers (online)
    KING MONGKUT’S UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY NORTH BANGKOK and BURAPHA UNIVERSITY organized an ETAT Training for the Trainers (online) between 16, 21 December 2021, 22 – 23 DEcember 2021, and 24 – 25 January 2022 at Faculty of Informatics, Burapha University. We are grateful for the 3 Trainers from our EU Partners, namely Prof. Christian Madritsch, Prof. Reinhard Langmann, and Prof.
  • Our 1st online international workshop is done successfully!
    On 14 and 21 May, 2021 we had our first online international workshop on PROFINET Basics and Engineering, Learning IEC 61131-3 at low-cost, Use of a DIY SCARA Robot in Education – an Example from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Langmann, Dipl.-Ing. Saman Kumpakeaw, Prof. Ing. Erwin Smet, Prof. Dr. Steve Vanlanduit, and the team. There were at least 37 participants in