The 1st online international workshop will take place!

Finally, it’s happening! Our first international workshop will take place on 14 and 21st May 2021. The topics will include PROFINET Basics and Engineering, Learning IEC 61131-3 at low-cost, and Use of a DIY SCARA Robot in Education – an Example. The speakers are: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reinhard Langmann from CCAD, Dipl.-Ing. Saman Kumpakeaw from KMUTNB, Prof. Ing. Erwin Smet from UAntwerp, and Prof. Dr. Steve Vanlanduit from UAntwerp. Thank you Saman Kumpakaew very much for coordination and arrangement. Participants of this workshop will get an attending certificate.



  • Saman Kumpakeaw
  • Tel. +66 92 6969 663

Download Agenda and Details_1-st ETAT International Workshop.