ETAT Special Session at InCIT2023 Academic Conference in Chiang Rai, Thailand

As a part of our dissemination, we published our work on ETAT Special Session at the InCIT2023 conference in Chiang Rai, Thailand. The conference was between 15 – 17 November 2023. In this Special Session, the two Erasmus+ projects; ETAT and factori 4.0 participated. This special session called Special Session 4: Erasmus+ Joint Session on Automation and Industry 4.0 with the abstract “Automation and Industry 4.0 Technologies play a pivotal role in addressing the substantial challenges confronting the global landscape in the present era. The Erasmus+ Project titled “Education & Training for Automation 4.0 in Thailand (ETAT)” and FACTORI 4.0 jointly hold the objective of facilitating the investigation and enhancement of universities encompassed within the Thailand East Economic Corridor (EEC). Aligned with this aspiration, the organizers of the Erasmus+ Joint Session on Automation and Industry 4.0 aim to make a meaningful contribution through the integration of ETAT and FACTORI 4.0 projects within the framework of this conference. Moreover, this session extends to providing a platform for the presentation of additional scholarly contributions linked to the domain of Education & Training for Automation 4.0.” And there were two Special Session Chairs, icnluding Asst.Prof. Dr.Prajaks Jitngernmadan, Burapha University, Email: and Asst.Prof. Dr.Warangkhana Kimpan, King Mongkut’s Institute of Technology Ladkrabang, Email:

The Papers are:

Paper Title Institution
Digital Twin in Automation Industry: Optimal Communication Protocol BUU
Optimal AI Model for Industrial AR Application Based on Object Detection BUU
Cyber Physical System of Robotics Training Set in RMUTTO ETAT Smart LAB RMUTTO
Different Real-Time Image Analysis Techniques for Object Detection RMUTTO
Automation 4.0 for Water Level Monitoring System KMITL
Performance Evaluation of OPC UA and MQTT for ETAT Smart Lab (ESL) RRU
Development of Control Programming and Data Analytics on the Controlled Automatic Sorting Simulation System KU