ETAT Representative at Erasmus+ Projects Cluster Meeting at KU, BKK

On Monday, October 2nd, 2023, Asst.Prof.Dr. Prajaks Jitngernmadan (Faculty of Informatics, Burapha University), member of the ETAT consortium and a representative of the Erasmus+ Project ETAT, attended the Cluster Meeting and Dissemination of Erasmus+ Projects in Thailand at Kasetsart University, Bangkok. In this meeting the results of Erasmus+ projects in Thailand were presented. The ETAT project was also presented as well. Furthermore, Mr. Emanuel Gerth (Project Officer), as an EU representative and EACEA Agency, gave informative presentation about Erasmus+ project statistics for Thailand, and introduced some interesting funding possibilities.

The outcomes of this meeting are:

Good Practices:

  1. Quality Control Work Package
  2. Knowledge transfer from EU partners
  3. Work packages design
  4. Good leader
  5. Network
  6. Regular project meetings
  7. Very detailed project plan and communication
  8. Sustainability of the project
  9. Capacity building
  10. Sharing Knowledge
  11. Commitment and self-responsibility
  12. Open-minded and flexibility
  13. Fun and Happy working environment among partners
  14. Learning from each other/how to work smart
  15. Starts from research results


Several Erasmus+ projects in Thailand were just at the starting phase. It is also plenty of opportunities for collaboration. Since the ETAT project comes to the end of the project, further discussion for sustainability and the next projects were also discussed. We are happy to help and collaborate with other projects. For more information about the ETAT project, please visit: