ETAT Glossary

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Rate of data transfer, throughput or bit rate measured in bits per seconds (bps)

The stable platform to which an industrial robotic arm is attached.

Base Link
The stationary base structure of a robot arm that supports the first joint.

Basic I/O Unit
A PLC Unit that performs I/O with external devices.

Basic System
The system configuration of a PLC that includes only the basic components, such as the CPU Rack, Expansion I/O Racks, and Slave Racks.

Beacons or Beacon Technology
Small, BLE-based sensors which attract attention to themselves. Examples: Apple uses iBeacons and Google has Eddystones.

Big Data
Large volumes of information, both structured and unstructured, collected from a massive number of sources and delivered at extremely rapid speed. This information is raw data that is used by analysts to devise better-informed strategies for businesses and other organizations. IoT is a huge source for Big Data.

Big Data Scientist
Someone who is able to develop the algorithms to make sense out of big data.

binary file
A file object able to read and write bytes-like objects.

The use of technology to identify people by one or more of their physical traits.

One of the typical wireless communication standards for IoT devices. Typical examples include smart watches, fitness bands, etc.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)
BLE is a wireless standard which works with low-power devices designed to run for months or even years. Examples: smart lights, smartphones.

Body Area Network (BAN)
Body Area Network, also referred to as a Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) or a Body Sensor Network (BSN), is a wireless network of wearable computing devices. BAN devices may be embedded inside the body, implants, or may be surface-mounted on the body in a fi xed position, wearable technology, or may be accompanied devices which humans can carry in different positions, in clothes pockets, by hand or in various bags.

BPS bits per second
Bit transmission rate in digital communication.

A message that is transmitted to all devices on a network segment except for the device that it originated from

Burn-In is a robot testing procedure where all components of the robot are operated continuously for an extended period of time. This is done to test movement and movement programming of the robot at early stages to avoid malfunctions after deployment.

Industrial communication system that connects end devices to the control system

Business Intelligence (BI)
The general term used for the identification, extraction, and analysis of data.

By default
Node-RED uses an in-memory Context store so values do not get saved across restarts. It can be configured to use a file-system based store to make the values persistent. It is also possible to plug-in alternative storage plugins."

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