ETAT Glossary

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Cartesian Manipulator / Cartesian Robot / Linear Robot / Gantry Robot
A Cartesian Manipulator is a robot arm with prismatic joints, which allows movement along one or more of the three- axes in the X, Y, Z coordinate system.

Treating text as if upper and lower case characters of the same letter are different.

Cellular Network
A radio network distributed over land through cells where each cell includes a fixed-location transceiver known as a base station. These cells together provide radio coverage over larger geographical areas. User equipment (UE), such as mobile phones, is therefore able to communicate even if the equipment is moving across cells during transmission.

Classification analysis
A systematic process for obtaining important and relevant information about data, also meta data called; data about data.

clock pulse
Special flags for which the system generates ON/OFF pulses at specific intervals.

Clojure is a dynamic programming language based on LISP that uses the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). It is well suited for parallel data processing.

Highly scalable computer storage and memory capabilities located in a data center that enables flexible and rapid scale-up and scale-down of application resources. Cloud services can be public, private or a hybrid.

Cloud Computing
Cloud computing is the delivery of information technology services over a network, usually the internet. In the cloud computing model, infrastructure, data, and software are hosted by the vendor and delivered to the user as a service, much like a utility company would deliver water or electricity.

Clustering analysis
The process of identifying objects that are similar to each other and cluster them in order to understand the differences as well as the similarities within the data.

Cold data storage
Storing old data that is hardly used on low-power servers. Retrieving the data will take longer

Comma-Separated Values
(CSV) A file that contains the values in a table as a series of ASCII text lines organized so that each column value is separated by a comma from the next column’s value and each row starts a new line. A CSV file is a way to collect the data from any table so that it can be conveyed as input to another application such as Microsoft Excel.

Command-line interface
A text-based interface that is used to execute software programs. Users type commands in a command line interface on a computer's display. Results from the execution of the program are also displayed in text on the screen.

A remark in a program that is intended to help human readers understand what is going on, but is ignored by the computer.

Complex event processing (CEP)
CEP is the process of monitoring and analyzing all events across an organization’s systems and acting on them when necessary in real time.

Component Object Model
(COM) The foundation of Microsoft Windows applications and underlies the majority of the code written to run on Microsoft operating systems. It is a family of specifications and software that produces platform independent, object oriented and scalable components. It is the “glue” that integrates the operating environment with plant applications and support the interoperability that is defining the software industry. [Microsoft Windows]

performing and executing multiple tasks and processes at the same time

conditional statement
A statement in a program that might or might not be executed depending on whether a test is true or false.

The act of making an intuition-based decision appear to be data-based.

Connected Device
Any object connecting to the Internet or a personal network. In IoT parlance, they are also called “smart devices.”

Connected Devices
Connected devices are physical objects that can connect with each other and other systems via the internet. They span everything from traditional computing hardware, such as a laptop or desktop, to common mobile devices, such as a smartphone or tablet, to an increasingly wide range of physical devices and objects.

a number that does not change. It is good practice to name constants in capitals e.g. SPEED_OF_LIGHT

Contact Sensor
A device that detects the presence of an object or measures the amount of applied force or torque applied on the object through physical contact with it. Contact sensing can be used to determine location, identity, and orientation of work pieces.

Context is a way to store information that can be shared between nodes without using the messages that pass through a flow.

Contextual Human Machine Interface
A human machine interface (HMI) on a mobile device that takes into context the location of the user and the tasks being performed and adapts graphical displays and controls accordingly. Such solutions include a contextual mobility server, mobile devices and location and user access profiles. The HMI displays only information and controls that are relevant to the location and access rights of the user relative to the machine.

Anything that has the capability to affect a physical entity, like changing its state or moving it.

Correlation analysis
the analysis of data to determine a relationship between variables and whether that relationship is negative (- 1.00) or positive (+1.00).

Creating Functions
Define a function using def function_name(parameter).

Cross-channel analytics
Analysis that can attribute sales, show average order value, or the lifetime value.

Carrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Domain: media access scheme used by Ethernet and 802.3 where devices check for a carrier signals presence or absence in order to transmit; if two devices transmit simultaneously, a collision occurs and each device detects the collision and waits a random amount of time before a retransmission is tried

current bank
The bank number of the EM Area can be changed with the EMBC(281) instruction.

cycle time
The time required for a PLC to complete one cycle of processing, including the overhead processing, program execution, I/O refreshing, and peripheral servicing. I/O data is exchanged with external devices each cycle.

cyclic task
A task that is executed once each cycle.

Cylindrical Robot
Cylindrical Robots have a rotary joint at the base and a prismatic joint to connect the links. The robots have a cylindrical-shaped work envelop, which is achieved with rotating shaft and an extendable arm that moves in a vertical and sliding motion. Cylindrical Robots are often used in tight workspaces for simple assembly, machine tending, or coating applications due to their compact design.

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