ETAT Glossary

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Vacuum Cup Hand
An end-effector for a robot arm which is used to grasp light to moderate weight objects, using suction, for manipulation. Such objects may include glass, plastic; etc. Commonly used because of its virtues of reduced object slide slipping while within the grasp of the vacuum cup. See End-effector.

All that available data will create a lot of value for organizations, societies and consumers. Big data means big business and every industry will reap the benefits from big data.

A value that has a name associated with it.

the speed at which the data is created, stored, analysed and visualized

Virtual Machine (VM)
A virtual machine is a digital computing environment that behaves like a physical computer. Virtual machines use software, rather than hardware, to run apps and programs, enabling developers to test applications in isolated environments.

Virtualization refers to technology that organizations use to deploy virtual instances of something abstracted from physical hardware. Through virtualization, organizations can use their IT infrastructure more efficiently by distributing capacity that would otherwise go unused across different tenants or environments.

complex graphs that can include many variables of data while still remaining understandable and readable

Virtual local area network allows users to logically subdivide a single switch to act as individual smaller switches

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