ETAT Glossary

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An npm package used, amongst other things, to install Node-RED Nodes.

The Palette is on the left of the editor and lists of the nodes that are available to use in flows.

Parallel Processing Mode
A mode for CPU Unit operation in which instructions and peripheral servicing are performed in parallel. Thus, the response of peripheral servicing and the performance of the cycle time are improved compared with the Normal Mode when peripheral servicing is required.

A variable named in the function’s declaration that is used to hold a value passed into the call. The term is often used interchangeably (and inconsistently) with argument.

Pendant [Teach Pendant]
A hand-held input device, linked to the control system with which a robot can be programmed or moved. (ISO 8373) This enables the human operator to stand in the most favorable position to observe, control and record the desired movements in the robot's memory.

Personal Area Network (PAN)
The interconnection of information technology devices within the range of an individual person, typically within a range of 10 meters. For example, a person traveling with a laptop, a personal digital assistant (PDA), and a portable printer could interconnect them without having to plug anything in, using some form of wireless technology. Typically, this kind of personal area network could also be interconnected without wires to the Internet or other networks.

Play Mode
After a robot is programmed in Teach Mode, the robot controller can be switched to Play Mode to execute the robot program. In Play Mode, the robot program is played back. This is the mode in which robots are used in production.

Power Over Ethernet: a standard defined by IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at that details the transmission of power as well as data over twisted pair cable

Manipulator motion in which a limited number of points along a projected path of motion is specified. The manipulator moves from point to point rather than a continuous smooth path.

polling node
The node that controls the communications in the network. The polling node controls the token and checks the network. Each network must have one polling node.

Physical interface for a cable on an Ethernet device

The definition of an object's location in 3D space, usually defined by a 3D coordinate system using X, Y and Z coordinates.

program address
An address of a program displayed in mnemonic form. Program addresses are serial numbers and one is assigned to each instruction.

The operating mode of the CPU Unit in which programs are not executed and preparations, such as creating I/O tables, initializing the PLC Setup, and transferring programs, can be executed prior to program execution. I/O is refreshed in this mode.

Programmable Automation Controller
(PAC) These provide very similar functions to PLCs, but are programmed differently, and use an open, modular, architecture. They typically differ in how they do things from PLCs, but still serve the same purpose of acquiring data and performing process control.

Programmable Logic Controller
(PLC) These are similar to RTUs, but are more often deployed without their own power supply and using wired communications. They are more often found on a plant oor or factory, where controllers are close to the centre of control.

A Flows file and other configuration files that allow rapid switching between Flows. Note that a project shares the same set of Packages (and therefore Nodes) and global Node-RED settings as all other projects. Only the Flows file, matching credentials, a README and a minimalist package.json are part of a project. Projects are designed to enable teams to work together and can use GIT to manage the data collaboration.

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