ETAT Glossary

There are currently 16 names in this directory beginning with the letter F.
FAL(006) error
A non-fatal error that occurs when the FAL instruction is executed in the program.

FALS(007) error
A fatal error that occurs when the FALS instruction is executed in the program.

Fast Ethernet
IEEE 802.3 standard for transmission of data over Cat5e cable at speeds of 100Mbps

a number data-type that can have a decimal value.

floating-point number
A number containing a fractional part and an exponent.

A tab in the Node-RED admin UI used to break Flows into more manageable chunks.

Flow - visible to all nodes on the same flow (or tab in the editor)

The collection of node instances and wires defined by the Flows file loaded by Node-RED at run time.

for loop
A loop that is executed once for each value in some kind of set, list, or range.

A function used to set or reset specified bits in memory from a Programming Device without involving the program or external I/O.

Forward Kinematics
Computational procedures which determine where the end-effector of a robot is located in space. The procedures use mathematical algorithms along with joint sensors to determine its location.

A coordinate system used to determine a position and orientation of an object in space, as well as the robot's position within its model.

File Transfer Protocol

Full Duplex
The ability to send and receive data independently and simultaneously

A named group of instructions that is executed when the function’s name is used in the code.

function call
A use of a function in another piece of software.

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